Best Laptops For Video Conferencing & Zoom Meeting – [ February 2022 ]

Image Product Details   Price
Microsoft Surface pro 6 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Core i5
8th Generation
Touch Screen
Tablet Mode
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HP-Pavilion-15-Laptop HP Pavilion 15 Laptop Core i7 Processor
11th Generation
512 GB SSD
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HP-15-Touchscreen-Premium-Laptop HP 15 Touchscreen Premium Laptop Core i5
10th Generation
256 GB SSD
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Dell-Inspiron-15-2021-Premium Dell Inspiron 15 2021 Premium 15.6″ FHD Anti-Glare 
Intel Quad-Core i7
11th Generation
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Lenovo-Flex-5-2-In-1-laptop Lenovo Flex 5 2 In 1 laptop AMD Ryzen 5
AMD Radeon Graphics

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If you are looking for a laptop to convert your room into a real office for attending meetings, working from home, online tutorials, or into a classroom for attending your online classes, taking notes, and vivas through video conferencing, we’re here to help you out choosing the best quality laptop complete guide.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, it has become crucial to have a good laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection whether it is attending your business meetings or taking your online classes, or chatting with dear ones, the video conference is the best choice ever.

If you are a businessman or woman and you need to turn your living room into an office, now you are bound to take all your official duties with responsibility. You can communicate well with your clients, connect with your colleagues, follow up routines, and meet strict deadlines. Video conferencing is one of the most critical components of your profession.

Hey, you are a student and worried about your exams, online classes, and discussions? Possibly the most suitable solution is to have a perfect webcam that will solve all your issues regarding social distancing and also passing your school exams with excellent grades.

 Nowadays, companies and institutes push to continue all their important operations. In this situation, the safest way to interact with officials and the students is through video conferencing, while working from anywhere in the world.  

Now that you have made up your mind to buy the perfect and most suitable laptop for video conferencing for working or studying from home, we will provide you with a list of the best laptops for video sessions available in the market.

We will discuss all the essential features required to choose the best laptop for video conferencing later in the section, if you have a short time go through this list of best products available and choose your one by just clicking.

Best Laptops For Video Conferencing

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Best For Zoom Meeting)

Microsoft Surface pro 6
  • 8th Generation
  • Touch Screen
  • Touch Pen
  • Tablet mode

The top-listed laptop is Microsoft Surface Pro due to its most updated versions of Windows Office Suite. The official Windows 10 Office Suite contains numerous apps like Skype,( both the website as well as the customized app version), excel sheets, and word under a single package.

The high-quality laptop has the latest version of the inter-the-core of the i5-8265U processor which arrives with a huge storage memory of 256GB and 8GB RAM.  Due to this high RAM, the video sessions can’t be stuck and smooth video streaming is possible but if the device does not have enough RAM, the video may be turbulent and take more time to load content during the live sessions.

The Microsoft Surface Pro laptop provides you the best quality display of 12.5 inches screen with a high resolution and true coloring image production. Image quality is highly impressive and worth your money that will help you to run video sessions more clearly and smoothly.

Apart from the display and RAM, the audio quality of this laptop is quite good that you can reliably hear your fellows or teachers. Not only are the audio speakers good but also the microphone is well known for communicating with others.

With all these packed features, this product is budget-friendly, you will buy a good laptop at a reasonable price for smooth and reliable video conferencing with ease.

  • Powerful processor for running your live sessions smoothly without any interruption
  • High-Resolution display
  • Bright and true color image production
  • Reliable to perform several tasks at the same time
  • Budget-Friendly, available at a reasonable price
  • Ultra-slim and light in weight to carry anywhere
  • High battery timing for video playback
  • Use headphones for better communication

2. HP Pavilion 15 Laptop With Best Webcam

HP Pavilion 15 Laptop
  • 11th Generation
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • Full HD IPS micro-edge Display

HP Pavilion 15 is one of the most popular laptops when you are concerned about effective video conferences. It comes in a very unique design which makes it more attractive for the purchaser. The laptop provides you all the features that you would need for conducting video conferences. This laptop is distinctive because of its features and processor.

The performance of every laptop is based on the processor that controls all the operations you are doing regarding video conferences and other running applications. Superlative administration was put in this laptop for video conferencing.

HP Pavilion has the latest processor of intel core 11 generation i7-1165G7 which also comes with a huge memory of 16GB DDR RAM and 512GB ROM. You can’t get better RAM and ROM than this in this price range. With such a big ram, You will not have any issue with video conferencing.

The HP pavilion 15 provides a full HD, IPS micro-edge display with a high resolution of 1920*1080 with 178 wide viewing angles. The HD wide vision camera is 88 degrees And because of its wide angle, you can do video calls with a large family, with most of your friends or professional peers more easily than any other.

HP pavilion presents a combination of video features that will help you a lot in video conferencing. Because of the good quality of the camera and processor performance, you can watch the video more clearly during conferences.

Slim and compact design makes it very easy to carry it with you So that you can easily do your video conference anywhere at any place.

Its audio quality and mic are very good for video conferences. You can use your headphones for the best experience during video calls.  You will always find this one purchase worthy.

This latest model of HP provides you with the Windows 10 Home operating system. Your system never takes a few seconds to fetch or load your systemic applications. This is also a factor due to which many buyers prefer to buy this laptop for online video calls and skype or zoom online conferencing-based applications.

  • HD wide vision camera for ultra-clear video calling
  • Wide viewing angle for group calls
  • Provides Optimize processing
  • FHD IPS Screen resolution
  • Slim, Compact, and lightweight – great portability
  • Durable battery life about 8 hours
  • Multitasking because of huge RAM
  • Intel iris graphics processor for executing exe graphics
  • Audio quality is recommended
  • Expensive
  • ISP fees may apply and additional requirements may apply for updates.

3. HP 15 Touchscreen Premium Laptop (Best For Skype Video)

HP 15 Touchscreen Premium Laptop
  • Core i5
  • 10th Generation
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256 GB SSD

If you are looking for a laptop for online meetings at a very reasonable price then the HP15 touchscreen premium laptop is another one of the best laptops for zoom meetings. It is capable of handling the different programs at the same time.

When it comes to video conferences, the first thing you can do is look for the best processor. A high-quality processor is necessary for a smooth and clear video conference.

 HP laptop 15 premium gives you 10th generation intel core i5-1035G1. It is another high-end laptop in terms of processing. It can manage smooth video meetings without any difficulty. It offers a variety of features to its purchasers, allowing them to easily manage video conference or zoom meetings.

This latest model of HP comes with a high-quality touch screen display. Anything to draw during video calls, You can easily draw during any project. It has a backlit WLED touch screen for performing multiple activities during video calling.

In terms of display, HP laptop 15 premium doesn’t let you down. It has a high-quality monitor with nice graphics. HP 15 touch screen premium provides a 15.6 Inch HD WLED display with a high resolution of 1366*768. It gives you a retina display which will make your online zoom video classes very easy.

Due to its high resolution and HD retina display, you can look at the screen for a long time during your official conferences or video classes, without tiring your eyes. But high brightness is not recommended during video conferences. This laptop has an IPS panel that provides you with the best wide-angle and vibrant contrast.

 The particular version of the HP 15 premium touch screen supports the windows 10 Home 64bit laptop. Windows is once installed and it takes very little time to boot and restart because of the high processor.

Video meetings are well managed and there is no chance of crashing apps during video calls.

Not only this laptop provides you the huge Random Access memory of 16GB DDR4 for multi-tasking during online live conferences but it provides Read-only memory with huge storage of 512GB SSD. When holding video meetings you may often need to save some important parts of the conference.

The Audio system of this laptop delivers clear sound effects during video conferences. One such good quality of the audio is truly needed during ongoing video calls. It can assist you to communicate with your fellows during online live classes or with professional peers during web video meetings.

  • Sharp Retina Screen to avoid tiredness of eyes
  • Slim and lightweight design- Easy to carry
  • IPS HD WLED Display with high resolution
  • User-friendly
  • Touch-Screen- Easy to draw something during meetings.
  • High-quality audio performance during live calls.
  • Incredible processor with Huge SSD storage
  • Cheap laptop for video conferences
  • Configured with Intel HD graphics card
  • Average Battery Life
  • Heating issue
  • Fan create a little bit noise

4. Dell Inspiron 15 2021 Premium – Clear Sound Quality

Dell inspiron 15 2021 premium for video call
  • 11th Generation
  • 32 GB DDR4RAM
  • 1TB SSD & HDD
  • 15.6″ FHD Anti-Glare
  • Backlight

Dell Inspiron 15 premium is another high-quality laptop for reliable and smooth video conferencing. It comes with high-class integrated graphics and a balanced hardware combination of RAM, ROM, and processor so that’s why we have put it in our best laptops for video conferencing.

 This Mid-range laptop provides you excellent features and the best possible hardware needed for video conferencing.

Dell Inspiron 15 premium features the Intel Celeron N4020 with a vest frequency of 1.1GHZ, burst up to 2.8GHZ, 4MB cache, 2MB core, and 2 threads. There are a lot of laptops in the market but a majority of them do not provide high-quality video meetings. This laptop provides you with the best experience because of its high-end processor.

This laptop can’t be stuck during your conferences. With this, you will be saved from burning in front of your professional peers. With this turbo boost processor, it is easier to do multitask during video meetings. With this amazing processor, you can smoothly operate your video meetings or conferences.

This laptop provides you with such a large and high-resolution screen that is perfect for video calls, zoom meetings, and conferences. It offers you a 15.6” inches HD anti-glare LED.

 It has a black-lit non-touch narrow border display of ultra HD resolution of 1366*768. Due to having a 15.6” inches anti-glare display, you can easily watch your video conferences.  One of the best laptops for handling zoom presentations.

It has a retina display that provides you a vivid, bright, and quality image. Colors are seen with all their originality during video calls. You can look at the screen for a longer time of your video conference without tiring your eyes.

A laptop’s RAM is necessary for smooth video playback. It can improve streaming during video calls or zoom meetings. Without enough RAM, images during video calls become blurred and choppy.

This laptop offers you huge Random Access Memory (RAM) of about 16GB which improves the streaming of video playback. It offers you a huge ROM of about 512GB M.2 PCIe NVME Solid State Drive.

The operating system of the Dell Inspiron 15 premium is Windows 10 Pro. It has super powerful specifications and you can easily manage your video meetings or conferences without crashing apps.

It has the best quality webcam and mic for video conferences. When it comes to online meetings or conferences, visuals or appearance is everything. This laptop gives you satisfactory results from the webcam during video calls. Its webcam also works a little in a low-light background.

It provides you the HD sound quality and picks the sound with fine details. Speakers and microphone allows you to make your video meetings more understandable and crystal clear

  • IPS HD display with wide viewing angle
  • Affordable
  • HD Webcam for video calls
  • Excellent multitasker during video meetings
  • Portable
  • Decent design
  • Average battery performance
  • Quality sound without distortion during conferences
  • Inclusion of Wi-Fi 6
  • No Touch Screen
  • Not Much Durable

5. Lenovo Flex 5 2 In 1 Laptop (Best For Online Classes)

  • 14.0″ FHD Touch Display
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • AMD Radeon Graphics

Lenovo Flex 5 has a windows 10 operating system 2 in 1 convertible laptop with stylus support Lenovo flex is equipped with all essential features that are needed for video conferencing. It can improve your performance and productivity in your daily work.

Lenovo Flex 5 is one of the most powerful laptops for video conferencing. Its design is also exclusive and elegant with a hinge mechanism. With this exclusive feature, any angle can be used during video conferences like a laptop, tablet, and tent mode during video meetings.

This laptop provides you with a standard processor of about 8-core Ryzen 7 4700U (Beats i7-10510U). It provides AMD Radeon graphics integrated which forms a perfect classy combo along with an exclusive processor.

This Processor makes it easy for us to work for a long period during video conferences without heating the laptop. Having a high-quality processor, it can launch multiple applications at once.

 You can work by opening the other applications during a video call. So that you can save your time. You can easily make your video calls without any errors.

Lenovo Flex 5 also provides you with the best quality of the 14” inch IPS HD touch screen display. This laptop is a mid-ranged device with a display that is pretty good. Its display shows an impressive 360 nits on full brightness. Its display for indoor meetings is very good for sure out and its display for outdoor is not so good because it shows more reflection during meetings.

These laptops give you HD resolution 1920*1080 to your video conferences through which you will see videos more clearly during online calls.

This provides you a wide view angle display which will make your online conferences easy for larger professional peers. It provides you with vibrant and bright colors during video meetings so you can easily understand.

RAM is an important role in laptops for video conferences. The better the RAM, the more speed you can be able to do video conferences. You can not have any issue during the video conference, your video playback can not be stuck or hang during video calls.

This Lenovo Flex 5 comes with a huge Random Access Memory (RAM) of 8GB DDR4-32 MHZ which is soldered. But it also supports 16GB RAM. Having such a good RAM gives you a smooth and enjoyable performance during video meetings.

 In this way, you can open online meetings as well as other applications at the same time, which makes you do all the work without reducing the speed. It gives you Improve video playback streaming.  There is no lag during video meetings at any time.

Lenovo flex 5 further, It also packs in 512GB PCI solid-state drive. During the video conference, You can save your data during meetings for later viewing. You cannot get such good ROM and RAM in this price range.

This is the best laptop to handle video conferencing. This laptop shines as 2 in 1 with reliable and smooth performance. There is also a security feature that makes this laptop great. It has a fingerprint sensor that works quickly.

Lenovo Flex 5 comes with high-quality dual front-firing speakers. Because of this, its sound is louder and clearer. You can easily hear the voice of the fellow in front during the video conference.

Surprisingly its mic quality is very good. It does not blur your voice,  changes it during the video conference, and delivers a clear voice. You can hold a meeting without using headphones. But headphones for online meetings are always recommended for a better experience.

Camera Quality is standard Which can be used in online meetings. It’s good but not extraordinary.

This laptop offers you average battery performance. The battery life is very good, you can work all day. It offers up to 8 hours of screen time even if brightness is set to 100% always. You can arrange long meetings or conferences. The Battery feature of this laptop drives us to Lenovo Flex 5. It can take less time to charge again.

  • Good battery life for long video meetings
  • Fast Charging
  • Touch-Screen
  • Hinge display (Any angle can be used during video meetings)
  • Loud and clear speakers
  • Mic quality is clear
  • High-quality display for indoor video conferences
  • 2 in 1 Laptop
  • Great for multitasking
  • IPS HD touchscreen display
  • Screen colors are reflective during outdoor meetings
  • Webcam quality is average

Buying Guide for Video Conferencing Laptops

Best laptops for video conferencing are now in trend. Because people tend to work from home. During covid-19 online working is more preferable. There are a lot of features you have to check-in laptops for video conferencing. We have built a list of features that are needed for video conferencing.

The laptop’s display resolution and size will help you during a video call. The higher the display resolution, the easier you will be able to see the clear screen and read anything. Full HD resolution is common in the above-mentioned laptops that help in video meetings. The display quality also affects the price of the laptop. Must have a retina display so you can see for a long time during video meetings. We recommend you pick a model from the above-mentioned laptops for video conferencing with a full HD display. Like this, you will get good contrast and colors with a wide viewing angle.

RAM and Storage
While buying a laptop You should also check out other features like RAM and storage. Must have at least 4 GB of RAM for video conferencing. The better the RAM, the more you will be able to do multitask during video conferencing. The laptop should have a good processor Due to which you will not have any issues in video meetings. With a high-end processor, Laptops can’t be stuck during video meetings.

Standard Webcam and Microphone
For video conferencing, you need a laptop with a good microphone and a good webcam. Visuals become more critical during online video meetings. So try to find the best affordable laptop with a quality webcam that is a must for video conferencing. Laptops that have 1 to 2 micro pixel cameras will give you better results. A poor quality camera will impact the video calling experience so you have to buy a laptop with an HD webcam. Coming to the microphone, you have to choose one that meets your needs. A good microphone will give you a high-quality voice during the video conference. An affordable laptop For video conferencing with a standard webcam and microphone placed on top of the display.

The laptop must be easily portable if you are a professional who travels frequently and attends video conferences. Short display size is easy to carry. In addition to display size, you must be careful About laptop weight. If you travel frequently, pick a lightweight laptop that you can easily carry with you. You can easily find one of the above-mentioned laptops that meets your needs.

Battery life
A laptop with long battery life is a blessing. Some laptops have good battery timing and other laptops will last a few hours. During video conferencing, your webcam, speaker, microphone, and display were working together which means it consumes more battery than any other small task on MS OFFICE. If you want to get a laptop with long battery life for your professional video conference, then you must look at the top of the display. A laptop with 8-9 hours battery life can easily manage your needs.


There are a lot of laptops for video conferencing available in markets for sale. But you must make sure that the laptop you are buying provides you with all the above-mentioned features that are necessary for smooth video conferencing. From the above guide, I hope you now feel free to buy a new laptop for your video meetings. We have reviewed the 5 best laptops for video conferencing. Make sure to keep going through the entire article so that you will be able to buy your best laptop for video meetings. If you have less budget but still want the best laptop for video meetings then go for Lenovo Flex

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