How to find the serial number on a laptop?

The serial number on Windows computers is usually written on the bottom of the laptop or on the back of the desktop computer.

Depending on how faded your sticker has become, you may have difficulty reading the serial number on your computer.

By using the settings or visiting the System Information Screen, you would not be able to locate the serial number of your computer in this situation.

In the below simple steps, I would show how to find the serial number on a laptop.

Find Out Laptop Serial Number In Window 10

Step 1: Go to Start and click on it and type in search “Command Prompt”.

Command Prompt

Step 2: Click on “Run as Administrator”

Command Prompt Administrator

Step 3: A command prompt window will be opened. Type ” wmic bios get serialnumber ” and press enter.

Step 4: The Serial number will be shown under the command you have entered as shown below.

how to find the serial number on a laptop

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